Writing Facebook Ads that convert

The goal here is to make Ads irresistible!

1. Psychology of an Ad

– Is the Image captivating?
– Is the Headline relevant?
– Will they read the body copy of the Ad?
– How does it make them feel?
– Does it give them peace of mind?
– Does it solve a problem?
– Implement deadlines, Fear of missing out “time is running out”, “act now”

2. Presentation

– Ad image is the first thing people notice
– Use bright colors, reds, yellows, to stand out from the Facebook blue
– Headline in the Ad is second thing people focus on
– Use Emojis on Headline to bring more attention (checkmarks, etc)
– The goal is to stop the user from scrolling (is your Ad a scroll stopper)
– Start the Body copy of the Ad with a question. Ask it in a way where the customer is asking themselves. Example: “Can my website bring in new customers every day?”
– Then answer that question with a 100% Yes. Be definitive.
– Expand on what they will discover if they continue with the Ad, use checkmark web emojis as bullet points

3. Test different types of Ads

A. Social Proof
B. Transformation
C. Offers

Example of Social Proof type Ads: include a nice image of a real person, the ad could include a testimonial / review with stars using emojis, then description below should provide what exactly you provide.

Example of Transformation type Ads: include a nice image, or a before and after image, does it solve a problem, benefits, how it will make them feel, provides comfort.

Example of Offers type Ads: include a captivating image, advertising an offer instead of your business. Includes scarcity, limited time only, act now, add benefit to Headline.