How to Optimize for Google My Business (GMB)

How to Optimize for Google My Business

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Created on: July 1, 2019

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What is a Citation?

A Citation is any mention of your business on the web, with or without a link. It is any combination of your company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code. Citations can be structured or unstructured.

Why Are Citations Important?

Citations are important for local search rankings as they verify that a business exists, establish trust, and create prominence. Business listing directories, blogs, magazine/newspaper sites, wikis, and more are all considered citation sources.

Steps to Optimize

 – Optimize the GMB business listing page

 – GEOTag Images with your Business Address

 – Add GEOTag’d photos to GMB listing

 – Ensure NAP is in place correctly across the internet (name, address, phone)

 – Confirm Citations are updated and accurate

 – Add Citations page to domain

 – Increase Google Reviews to stand out from your competitors

 – Edit Contact page to embed Google Maps

 – Updating GMB to properly reflect more than one Category.  i.e. “Software company in Anaheim, California”

 – Add Business Hours to GMB

After you Geo tag your new images and you download and save them, make sure to rename the file name to include your business name, category name, location.   Example:  therecordshopnashville-recordingstudio-nashville-1.jpg

Do that for every image and replace all the images that you currently have. That means deleting current and adding new ones. Inside of GMB under the photos tab you’ll see there are several tabs at the top where you can upload photos to each section.   Internal, external, branding, etc. 

When you edit your description on GMB, you want to make sure you use your company name, category name and location at least a few times in the text but don’t make it looks spammy. 

On your actual website, in the footer of every page, you  want to put the business name,  address, operating hours and embed Google maps in the footer also. 

Would you like us to handle this?

With this effective approach you will be sending optimized and accurate signals to Google so that when users search for your business Google is more likely to return your business in search results.

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