Web Hosting and Design for Bands

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
SEM is the practice of building high authority back links, content creation, social sharing and tracking visitor behavior with the goal of driving traffic back to your website.

  • Visitor tracking
  • Social Sharing
  • Link Building through Tumblr
  • Automation for Posts / Products
  • Bit.ly link tracking
  • Set Social Media Baselines
  • Set Traffic and Statistics Baselines

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
SMM is the practice of building brand awareness, increasing social network channels and tracking social media behavior. The following strategies will be deployed as part of this agreement:

  • Twitter Follow Strategy
  • Tumblr Follow Strategy
  • Auto Posting Content to Social Media Channels
  • Filtering by GEO location
  • Filtering by Region / City
  • Filtering by keyword, search term or hashtag
  • Targeting by GEO location
  • Targeting by Region / City
  • Targeting by keyword, search term or hashtag